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Inman Aligner

What’s Involved – Orthodontic treatment with an Inman Aligner

inmanAfter you have had an extensive oral health assessment, we will schedule a number of visits for you to ensure that you are dental-ready for Orthodontic treatment, and the Inman Aligner system of Orthodontic treatment that has been decided upon.

Visit 1:

Impressions of your top and bottom teeth are taken, as well a number of photographs to document your treatment. These impressions of your teeth and a list of instructions specific to your mouth and treatment needs are sent to the relevant laboratory for your appliance to be processed. This is done using an advanced 3-D computer imaging technology to transform your bite impressions into a custom-made appliance.

Visit 2:

At your next visit we will fit your aligner, which is usually 3 weeks after the impressions have been taken. Tooth slenderisation (also known as IPR-inter-proximal reduction) is normally done at this visit. This is where a minimal amount of tooth slenderisation/trimming between the teeth is done to facilitate the movement of the teeth, allowing them to slide gently and evenly around each other.

At home:

You’ll wear the aligner for 20 hours each day, and it can be removed for eating and cleaning. Total treatment time averages 3-4 months for your Inman Aligner treatment, and you’ll be scheduled to visit us approximately every 4 weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned.

You’ve finished the Treatment:

Congratulations! After 3-4 months of wearing the aligner as prescribed, you’re finished and will have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. We use permanent retention for every orthodontic patient, which may be in the form of a clear aligner worn at night, or a discreet wire bonded to the inside of your teeth. Further impressions of your teeth are then taken at the end of your treatment, with more photographs taken, and sent back to the same laboratory for construction of the particular type of retention chosen by you and us, your dentists.

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