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Preventive Dentistry For Children

Children’s Dentistry at Fairlands Dental & Implant Centre

paediatric dental care

Paediatric Dentistry is the speciality of dentistry centred around the oral health of children from birth to the age of 16. It encompasses all aspects of dental care from prevention to trauma management and includes the holistic care of anxious children and those with additional needs.

We provide specialist paediatric dental care in-house. This means we can offer expert, child friendly, comprehensive care for your child. We are passionate about promoting a positive dental attitude for all children and for this to be taken forward into their adult life.

Maalini is a GDC registered specialist in paediatric dentistry and has undertaken additional training and qualifications in this field. She is experienced in all aspects of paediatric dentistry including inhalation sedation and trauma management and has expertise in treating children with additional needs. She is committed to promoting a happy and positive dental experience for all children.

Your child’s first dental visit

All parents and guardians are advised that children should be taken to see a dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts and before their first birthday. By taking your child to see a specialist in paediatric dentistry you can be rest assured that they will spend time getting to know your child, provide you with oral health advice and start to acclimatise your child to the dental environment. Ensuring healthy dental habits early on is key to preventing cavities and complex treatment in the future.

What to expect from the first visit

At the first appointment, Maalini will spend time getting to know your child and acclimatising them to the dental setting. Time will be spent discussing current oral hygiene practised at home and advising how to promote healthy dental habits. A detailed history will be taken and your child’s teeth and mouth will be examined. X-ray pictures may be taken and all options will be discussed fully. We ensure by listening to both you and your child we are able to recommend a plan tailored to your child.

Fissure sealants

A fissure sealant is a white plastic coating that is painted onto the biting surfaces of back teeth. It does not require any local anaesthetic or tooth preparation. The sealant helps to prevent tooth decay by covering the pits where food often gets stuck.

Silver crowns

Often with cavities on baby teeth, regular fillings do not work. In these cases, we use silver crowns. They are preformed crowns that fit over the whole tooth to prevent further decay and pain. Often these can be placed without local anaesthetic or preparation of the tooth meaning they can be used on children as young as 3.

Inhalation sedation ‘Happy Air’

‘Happy air’ is a way to help anxious children accept dental treatment. It is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide which is delivered via a nose piece. It is usually offered to children over the age of 5. As a child relaxes, they often feel dreamy and floaty but are awake throughout. It is a safe technique and suitable for most children. Our staff are fully trained in providing paediatric dental inhalation sedation.


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