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Preventive Dentistry For Children

Children’s Dentistry at Fairlands Dental & Implant Centre

At Fairlands Dental & Implant Centre Clinic, we promote preventive dentistry starting as soon as your child’s teeth begin to appear, which can be from as early as 4 months to as late as 18 months. Teaching your child good oral care at a young age is an investment in their health that will stay with them for life. It is best to set a good example by taking care of your own teeth and by having regular dental check-ups.

You are very welcome to bring your child/children along with you for these appointments to observe what we do. For your child’s first visit, it is best for the parent to explain beforehand that during this examination all we will do is count the child’s teeth. Also you should avoid using emotive phrases such as “it won’t hurt” when describing what we do. If needed, we are happy to offer “rewards” for our very young patients, for excellent behavior! During each dental examination we will speak with the parents and the child together, offering dietary advice (and analysis if the parent wishes), and suggest an age-appropriate oral hygiene program. For older children we are happy to see them either with or without their parent.

Sometimes we have to refer children to a specialist children’s dentist called a Paedodontist if their treatment requires. We generally refer all paediatric alignment problems to an Orthodontist.

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